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3 months ago @ 1:45PM

Royal Oak Athletics: Clear to Go Screening Transition for Students, Coaches & Fans


We have now transitioned from our Google Screening surveys to the district sponsored Clear to Go screener. The Clear to Go screener will be used by all participants, including coaches, student-athletes and fans.


  • Once permission is granted via parents/guardians, it's simple and easy.  Students can access the app on their phone, answer a few short questions, and up pops a "green badge" (see below).
  • Student athletes will show their "green badge" to their coach upon arrival. The date and time on the badge must reflect appropriate permissions and temperature checks are still required. 


  • Parents/guardians received an email recently to set their preferences, including consent, permissions, and the ability to allow their child to download the app to their phone. Click here to view the instructions that families were provided.     
  • If a parent does not give permission for their child to screen themselves or the parent/guardian did not receive the email/misplaced it, please contact Royal Oak Athletic Director, Don Watchowski (see below).
  • By March 10, we expect every athlete and coach to exclusively use Clear to Go.   


Fans do not need an account, rather they can simply scan a qr code (click here) or visit the following link (click here).  Fans will show their "green badge" to our ticket taker upon their arrival.  

Thank you for your continued flexibility and cooperation.  We are confident this transition will be a success, streamlining our screening process and ultimately helping us all work together to maximize the health and safety of our students, coaches, and fans. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Royal Oak Athletic Director Don Watchowski,  

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