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1 month ago @ 10:56AM

Beaumont Student Heart Check: Free Nov 14 Screenings for ROHS Male Athletes

October 20, 2020


Dear ROHS Students and Families,


Beaumont’s Student Heart Check program is working with your administrators to offer a free heart screening clinic. On Saturday, November 14th from 9:30-11:30, your son has the opportunity to participate in a series of free heart screening tests that could save their lives. The event will be held at Beaumont, Royal Oak in the Ernst Cardiovascular Center (3601 W. 13 Mile Rd, Royal Oak).  


To register for a free appointment, go to this link choose a time, and fill out the requested information.  Registration sign up is first come, first served and will close once registrations are full. We have 40 available appointments.


Beaumont’s Student Heart Check program combines a simple health history with a noninvasive screening to look for signs of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a serious heart condition that is the leading cause of sudden cardiac death in young athletes. HCM affects approximately one in 500 people, and does not usually have any symptoms. The stress on the heart during strenuous activities puts our students at higher risk for sudden cardiac death.


To date we have screened 18,716 students:

  • 1,936 students could continue sports, but we recommended a follow up with their pediatrician.
  • 220 students were advised to stop sports until further evaluation by a cardiologist.
  • 9 students were later diagnosed with HCM. Multiple other students, upon follow up, were diagnosed with other significant heart abnormalities that needed attention.

Upon your registration, you will receive a link to the required forms via email.  Have your child bring in the attached forms to their appointment. If the forms are filled out by a parent/guardian, we do not require them to be present for the screening. If you do plan on accompanying your student, only one parent is allowed.


Required forms that will be sent and can be found on our website include:

  • student/athlete medical history questionnaire
  • program consent – must be signed by guardian
  • Beaumont media consent (please complete even if opting out)

On the day of the screening, teens should wear a t-shirt and comfortable pants/shorts. We want to assure you that your student’s confidentiality, privacy, and individual modesty will be respected throughout all aspects of the program.


The screening is completely painless and non-invasive (no needles or X-ray exposure). Here’s how it works:

  • Each student’s blood pressure is taken, and then they learn how to perform hands only CPR and how to use an AED.
  • A Beaumont cardiologist will review the student’s medical history questionnaire and listen to the student’s heart with a stethoscope.
  • The student will receive an EKG screening where small patches with a mild adhesive are placed on their chest, legs and arms. Electrodes are then attached to the patches and the heart’s electrical activity is recorded.
  • A small amount of gel is applied to the student’s chest for the screening echocardiogram, where sound waves are used to provide the cardiologist with a moving picture of the heart. We are testing out our new Echo machines at this screening.

The data we collect may be used by Beaumont researchers to add to the scientific knowledge of sudden cardiac arrest in young athletes. The data will be reported anonymously. Student privacy and confidentiality will be maintained.


Please direct all questions to Jennifer Shea at




Beaumont’s Student Heart Check Team


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